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We deliver advanced warehousing solutions, provide warehouse slotting and product location. Our strong network enables us to offer a wide range of services with flexibility, security and reliability. Our rates are extremely competitive and we keep you ahead of the competition by focusing on advanced technologies, process consistency and quality standards. Our experts on the field help you reduce your logistics cost & overheads and free your managerial resources from their non-core tasks. Our warehouses have top-class (MHE) Material Handling Equipment such as forklifts, electric stackers, systematic racking system, systems etc. managed by well trained professionals.

Our warehouse facility offers the domestic distribution and we ensure the safety of our customers’ cargoes during warehousing.

Shivalik Shipping Services providing custom clearance service to the desiring customers as add on services. We get the necessary documentations done well in time and arrange for the inspection and clearance of cargo and ensure hassle free transportation of your shipments to the warehouse and factory. We provide the unbeatable warehouse service to ensure that our customers distribute their service on the promised time.

  • Centralized management of freight, carriers and information.
  • A single point of contact for all of your shipments.
  • Complete visibility and control of shipments.
  • Rate and carrier negotiations to reduce your time and expenses.
  • Claims management to resolve any shortages or damages.
  • One-invoice freight payment coordination to save time and administration costs.
  • Minimum / Maximum stock determination
  • Primary secondary pick position determination